Leader 5

LEADER 5 is now closed to new applications.


Leader 5 has been successful in awarding grants to a whole host of local businesses to the benefit of the local economy. We are delighted to share a few of their stories with you, First up Appledore and Instow Ferry:-

The ferry company were looking to fulfil additional footfall and needed to invest in a larger boat that could be more flexible to their passengers needs. They had researched Lottery funding but they believed that they didn’t fit into their eligibility criteria.

Roger Levick said "Applying for Leader 5 funding was a very positive experience and we were delighted when we were notified that we were successful. As a result of the funding we purchased our new ferry and we have achieved record numbers of passengers being carried due to the 70% greater cargo area. Passenger feedback has been very positive and we also have a happier crew and volunteers, a real sense of pride in the new boat, and a much more positive experience for all concerned with AIFL".